Sunday, February 5, 2023 Partners With AVM Studios To Launch Rajnikanth Movie As An NFT

The Singapore-based non-fungible token marketplace announced its partnership with Indian movie production company AVM Studios, on July 05. 

According to an announcement, will soon release Sivaji The Boss, one of the movies produced by AVM Studios, as an NFT on its platform.

NFTs are unique digital assets which represent real-world objects like art, music, videos and many more items. Individuals are allowed to buy or sell these digital assets using cryptocurrencies, mostly through an online platform.

The recent partnership between two companies is considered to be one-of-its-kind by the crypto industry. The crypto-enthusiasts believe that this partnership has the ability to redefine movie collectibles that are being traded globally. is an NFT marketplace founded by Yash Rathod and Shaamil Karim to trade licensed movie collectibles. The aim of the company is to offer millions of movie fans around the world their favorite moments of the film. The platform allows the trading of NFTs using debit/credit cards. The audience can also purchase digital collectibles using cryptocurrencies of their own choice.

“We are always seeking avenues to invest, grow and nurture filmmaking in India. This marketplace for NFT will surely open a plethora of opportunities and will change the way film making as an industry is perceived,” Aruna Guhan and Aparna Guhan Shyam from AVM Productions said. 

Yash Rathod, the co-founder of, said that their company is delighted to have the iconic AVM Studios on board with them, as their content partners. 

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