Saturday, January 28, 2023

Aqumon Introduces Asia’s First Bitcoin ETF Investment Portfolio SGX

Hong Kong-based fintech firm, Aqumon, has recently launched the first Smart Bitcoin ETF Investment Portfolio in Asia, called SmartGlobalX. This portfolio aims to offer long-term investment strategies to people for their wealth growth. 

While investing in a cryptocurrency, the trader is required to put a huge amount of money and time into it. On the other hand, Aqumon’s Investment Portfolio will help the investors by managing their risks so that they could earn stable returns for their investment. 

The integration of the SmartGlobal algorithm with the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) provides growth to the investors. Also, it provides a hassle-free way for clients to invest in protected crypto assets.

It is being expected that in the coming years’ Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum would control the market. From December 2020, the value of Bitcoin has been increasing. In just one year the world’s most popular and widely adopted cryptocurrency has experienced a surge of over 830.24 percent in its value.

In order to invest in Bitcoin, the traders are required to purchase it and keep it in an encrypted wallet, this is the easiest and straightforward way of trading. However, this process raises cybersecurity and regulatory risks for some of the investors. In that case, the traders could either invest in Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin Investment Trusts, Blockchain ETFs or in those lusted companies that already invest in cryptocurrencies.

The demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day, therefore, Aqumon came with the idea of SmarGlobalX (SGX). This Smart Bitcoin Portfolio would offer diversified and risk-adjusted exposure of Bitcoin to the traders.

Recently, the CEO and Co-Founder of Aqumon, Kelvin Lei, talked about Asia’s first Smart Bitcoin ETF Investment Portfolio and said, “Cryptocurrencies became an asset class that cannot be neglected in today’s financial market, and the gen-Z investors on AQUMON’s platform are looking at ways to invest in it. As a digital wealth management platform that aims to make investment accessible and affordable to the general public, we understand the hurdles for retail investors to invest in this high-risk asset. SmartGlobalX manages the risks and concerns investors have, making Bitcoin investment effortless and approachable.”

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