Saturday, February 4, 2023

Coinone To Re-Instate Its Offline Customer Center

One of the leading crypto exchanges in South Korea, Coinone, has resumed its customer center in Seoul.

A report published by The Korea Herald, Coinone was initially, established in September 2017, but later, the exchange was shut, because the company wanted to focus on its other business activities.

Recently, the company observed that in the first quarter of the year, the user registration on some of the new crypto exchanges in the country has increased at a  rate of 20 times. Therefore, Coinone decided to re-start its offline customer services. Korea Herald’s report on Coinone specifies that currently, the exchange has at least 2 million users in total.

The reports further suggest that along with its offline center, Coinone has decided to increase its staff, to provide proper assistance to its offline customers.

Before, Coinone, the second-largest crypto exchange of South Korea, Bithumb, announced to start an offline center in the country’s capital. Even, another crypto exchange, Korbit is planning to do the same.

These developments by the companies show that currently, the South Korean crypto market is going high. It is a market where a few days ago, Bitcoin was trading at a renewed Kimchi premium, surging to a yearly high.  

It is to be noted that the domestic stock market has not remained untouched from cryptos in the recent time period.  A few of the companies in South Korea hold stakes in top crypto exchange operators and today, those companies have earned a significant gain through their investments.

Some of the analysts in the country believe that in the future, the South Korean conglomerate Kakao would obtain the benefits of the Korean crypto bull market.

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