Sunday, February 5, 2023

Some Former Employees Of Known Korean Companies Quit Their Job After Becoming Millionaire

The crypto industry in South Korea has been experiencing a volatile environment in terms of regulation, but such a situation does not restrict the middle-class families in the country to earn profit from the crypto market. 

The Korean Television Network JTBC, recently broadcasted a report citing that a few of the employees of some major companies in the country, do not need their job, as they have earned enough profit from their crypto investments.

As per the video report, the individuals, who were the employees of Shinhan Card, Samsung and LG Electronics, have claimed that they have collected millions of dollars worth of cryptos.

During an interview with JTBC, one of the former employees of Shinhan Card said that he took a high risk to earn profit through his crypto investment and currently, he has managed to gain at least $2.7 million from it.

He told Korean News TV that he invested his life saving into the crypto. He even took some loans for crypto trading and that turned out to be a great investment for him, as he earned millions of dollars as a profit. In March 2021, the individual quit his job at Shinhan Card and decided to give his full-time to the crypto industry. Today, he is a Youtuber who shares his success stories with the audience and teaches them about crypto investments.

Another person who was interviewed by JTBC was a former employee at Samsung. The person claimed to have invested $44,670 in cryptocurrencies and made a profit of $36 million. 

None of the above-mentioned employees have revealed the name of the crypto in which they invested. However, there was one person, who did not disclose the name of her company, who revealed that she earned a profit from Bitcoin. She told that initially, she was a bit hesitated to invest in Bitcoin but when she saw a few of her known people were investing in it, she also tried her hand in it. 

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